Herbal Remedies for Scars

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Natural Remedies : Using Honey to Heal Scars

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Tips On How To Fade Scars Fast Naturally

Here are some quick tips on how to fade scars fast naturally

Lemon Juice: Lemon juice has been an age-old (and sometimes secret), remedy for scar. This is because lemon juice is an alpha hydroxy and powerful exfoliate that softens and flattens scars and scar tissue. It also has been touted as a natural bleaching agent for scars that are red or hyper pigmented.
However its main purpose is to remove the upper layers of skin on the scar, so the underlying, less scarred layers can come up and take its place.

Essential Oils: Lavender oil and helichrysum oil have both been used in treating scars. Lavender oil has an active ingredient called Linalool, which has a toxic effect on fibroblasts ( the cells that scars are comprised of ) and literally causes them to die. Helichrysum oil can be pricey, yet it has been touted by certain people to be the best natural treatment for scars.

Massaging: Massaging a new scar can prevent it from fully forming and prevent the buildup of scar tissue. This one of the best ways to remove scars from accidents or surgeries. Messaging with a moisturizer will increase blood flow to the scar, which in turn will increase healing and collagen production. Additionally, massaging with lemon juice and lavender or helichrysum oils in periodically will drastically help.

There are many natural, healthy, and very effective treatments such as these that can dramatically improve the appearance of scars. Before you think of spending money on expensive creams or dangerous procedures, you should consider natural scar treatment.

If used properly, natural scar removal methods can outperform most other treatments that can be costly, in-effective, or even dangerous.

Simple Ways On How To Fade Scars Fast At Home

Are you looking for natural and safe ways on how to fade scars fast at home? We will talk about some quick and easy tips on how to fade scars. If you have just recently had an injury that has resulted in a scar, or have had an injury a while ago resulting in a scar, don't worry - you can always fade and reduce a scar no matter how old it is.

Firstly, it should be noted that many of the scar creams and common topical solutions that are given out as 'scar remedies' have no real scientific data to prove any of them actually help to fade and eliminate scars. In fact, some of these 'solutions' can actually make a scar worse.

For instance, Vitamin E has been tested repeatedly and has not been shown to be an effective treatment for scars but can actually lead to skin irritation resulting in contact dermatitis. Additionally, onion bulb extract is an ingredient that is used in many scar creams, but has proven to be outperformed by simple applications of petroleum jelly in a double-blind study.

So what are some real ways on how to fade scars fast?

Here are 3 quick and easy tips:

1) Use sunscreen and cover the scar if possible: If the scar is new (a few weeks to a month ), you want to make sure that you protect it from sun light. This is because a scar is very sensitive ultraviolet light rays and if exposed could cause hyper-pigmentation.

This could lead to permanent discoloration of the affected area if it gets burned. Discoloration from the result of excessive ultraviolet exposure on a scar can be very noticeable and a huge pain to correct once the damage is done.

2) Message the scar daily: Messaging a scar daily can help get rid of new scars, soften old scars, and prevent the buildup of scar tissue forming. This is one of the most effective ways to eliminate scars from surgeries or accidents.

Even better, if you message with a moisturizer, it will increase blood flow in the area and will speed up the healing process. By doing this it will increase collagen production as well as distribute it evenly. Press on the affected area until it becomes white and massage it in all directions for a few minutes several times a day.

3) Exfoliate the scar with lemon juice: Lemon juice is a great natural exfoliate and an age-old treatment for scars. The citric acid that exfoliates works by removing the upper, damaged layers of skin, so new skin can come up and take its place. It's also great for softening and flattening the hard tissues that scars are made up of.

By following these simple tips you can greatly reduce the appearance of new as well as old scars. There are many more natural, healthy, and very helpful techniques and remedies like these than can greatly fade and possibly eliminate scars fast.

No matter what your age, or how old your scar is, it is possible to quickly enhance the sight of where a scar has taken place naturally and safe, without costly surgery or laser removal.